About Me

1. I’m 24.
2. I wear size 3 shoes.
3. I work wayyyyy too much.
4. I love poetry.
5. Generally timid, occasionally brave, rarely transparent, often behave.
6. I love solving puzzles.
7. I have very little self control when it comes to junk food –
8. it’s probably why I haven’t been able to get rid of my chipmunk cheeks.
9. I hate exercising and any variant of physical torture.
10. I care about my public image –
11. but not enough to prompt me into spending mass amounts of money on designer clothing.
12. I’m Asian. OMG RLY? What gave it away? It was the super luscious, shiny, straight hair wasn’t it?
13. I’m short. When I extend my height to its tallest, it scrapes the 1.6m line.
14. Broccoli > cauliflower. Fact.
15. I believe in the best of people.
16. I love procrastinating.
17. I have a bad case of foot-in-mouth disease.
18. I work for one of the big four accounting firms in the world.
19. People say I’m cute. I find my chipmunk cheeks to be adorable too.
20. I listen to Britney. A lot. *hangs head in shame*
21. I cry easily.
22. I love computer geeks
23. and Matt Damon.
24. He’s so hot.
25. I have an internal rating system whereby I rate everybody I see on a scale of one to ten based on their hotness.
26. I rate the cleaners too.
27. I wear contacts.
28. I don’t like socks.
29. I don’t celebrate Christmas.
30. Crustaceans ftw.
31. I shower at night.
32. There was a boy I liked once.
33. I stalked him on Facebook.
34. He rejected me…
35. it didn’t stop me from stalking him anyways.
36. I take things too seriously sometimes.
37. I’m a clutz.
38. I failed my driver’s test twice.
39. I can’t ride a bicycle.
40. Ex-farmville addict.
41. Kiwis, strawberries, plums. In that order.
42. I fail at romance.
43. I’m anaemic.
44. In love with irssi [pronounced ere-see].
45. I spend 40% of my day sitting; 40% sleeping;
46. I’m afraid of dying
47. but not of death.
48. Atheist.
49. I have a weird sense of humour.
50. Ex-bookworm. Now I haven’t the time to indulge in lengthy narratives. Poo :(
51. I correct people’s spelling mistakes.
52. I suck at grammar.
53. Introverted.
54. I want a belly button ring. Has one :]
55. I used to have braces
56. and it gave me a double jointed jaw
57. then it magically healed itself.
58. I don’t like having pictures of myself on facebook.
59. I love make up.
60. I love my dad <3
61. Spoiled rotten.
62. I sing in the shower, occasionally.
63. Puppies are adorable. More so than kittens.
64. I once set my homepage to http://www.goggle.com Yeah, it was a typo.
65. Took me 3 months to realize it.
66. Carpe Diem
67. I bruise easily.
68. My name is Amy.
69. It means Beloved.
70. I picked it myself.
71. I <3 chess
72. Bowling is not my forte. Apparently.
73. Self-diagnosed hypochondriac.


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