Tall and handsome

Posted: August 20, 2016 in Life

There won’t be any photos or name dropping this time because he asked me not to divulge that information. So you’ll just have to use your imagination and conjure up a tall, handsome lad with a sweet smile in a red checkered shirt ;)

We met at Truth Coffee and he was on time – I just love a man who’s punctual! We had a nice, quiet table in the corner and our waiter was just the loveliest hipster looking guy. It was remarkably easy talking to him. Then again, it’s always easy talking to someone at the onset. I generally have the capacity to keep a conversation going for an hour, no matter who I’m talking to. What was refreshing about this one was it had more substance than mere small talk. Oh, have I mentioned he’s really good looking? Yip, totally my type.

At some point during the date, he said his friend had read my blog. This friend, let’s call him Borenzo, didn’t like what I wrote 2 years ago about the Dalai Lama and promptly made a character judgment based on that and decided I was therefore not good enough. I think Borenzo even told my date to cancel, which thankfully he didn’t.

At this stage, I feel like I need to express that I hold a utilitarian view. It’s about what gives the most utility. Sometimes, a slight injustice is necessary for a greater benefit. I won’t go into detail about it here because this post is about my date, not about Borenzo the bozo.

Despite everything having gone so well, the sad part is he is leaving the country soon to study abroad. Still, it was nice to have made a friend, and to celebrate that, here’s a photo of a cute corgi.


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