Geek it till it MHz!

Posted: September 25, 2008 in humour
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After weeks of graphing 3-dimensional vectors and planes, we finally migrated to a less tedious section of our maths syllabus. Today, we were introduced to the infamous ‘i‘. (For the mathematically challenged, the letter i denotes the square root of -1.)

The slightly eccentric professor C. Gilmour thought it fitting to start off the lecture with the geekiest joke on the planet:
i and pi walked into a room.
i said to pi: “Be Rational.”
Pi replied, “Get real.”

The humour caught on like a house on fire, and everyone burst out laughing, including me. Some time during the laugh, I thought to myself, “Boy, when did I become so geeky?
And then it dawned on me. It is ok to be a geek, because geeks will rule the world one day. As my one friend said it best: Geek it till it MHz!

  1. jerith says:

    That’s not /quite/ the geekiest joke in in the world, but my candidate requires more than passing knowledge of control systems theory. Also, the mathematicians get it wrong: “j” is the imaginary constant, because “i” is already instantaneous current in any calculations that matter…

  2. aimzy waimzy says:

    Lmao!! Ok, you are now officially the geekiest person I know! :P

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